Q&A with Creu Clothing

We kick start 2022 with a new Q&A with all round top lad Saul Wilks, the man behind the brilliant Creu Clothing. We had a real in-depth chat with Saul and really enjoyed this one, and hope you do to. Enjoy!

Q&A with A Guy Called Minty

Our final Q&A of the year is with the brilliant, A Guy Called Minty, where we have an in-depth chat about all things design, his inspirations and how hard work and a bit of luck got him to the place he is at today. Enjoy…

Q&A with Yogi

For our latest interview, we caught up with footwear specialists, Yogi, to learn more about one of my favourite footwear brands. Speaking to Tim Peck (Design Team Manager), Jennie Bianco (Head of Marketing) and Paul Batista (Head of Sales) we hope you enjoy our chat!

Q&A with Ellesse

Italian sports-wear brands have always played a big part in casual cultures, and known more so than Ellesse. We caught up with Matthew Reed, Head of Design at Ellesse, for a quick chat about the brand and the direction it is travelling in…

Q&A with Malloch’s

Setting out to create timeless classics that become part of your everyday life, I’ve heard excellent things about new boy on the block, Malloch’s. I caught up with owner and creator, Chris Chasseaud, to learn more about the brand. Enjoy!

Q&A with Uskees

After a short break we are back with a corker of an interview. We caught up with Paul Clapham, owner of one of my new favourite brands, Uskees. If you like well-made menswear in bold colours, you must check them out. Enjoy!

Q&A with Robin Clementson

I’ve always been very keen to talk to people from all aspects of menswear, not just the designers themselves but the people behind the scenes; the graphic designers, the photographers, the agencies – people who play an important role but can sometimes be overlooked in a brand’s success. Someone who ticks this box is friend of the blog, Robin Clementson, the man behind new agency, Start-Me-Up, who currently works with menswear giants such as Universal Works and 7L. Here is Robin’s story…

Q&A with The Long Shot Exp.

If you like meticulously designed and originally crafted, modern headwear, chances are you will like The Long Shot Exp. We caught up with Long Shot founder, Mike Holmes, to learn all about the brand and his experiences so far…

Q&A with Jonny Brown

Twisted Wheel were a band which defined part of my youth growing up, and lead singer Jonny Brown has always been as sound as they come. I was delighted to catch up with Jonny for my latest Q&A – talking Oasis, his battles with addiction and homelessness, the Manchester scene, clothing and everything in between. A cracking interview if we do say so ourselves!

Q&A with YASHA

Built on sensibility and a commitment to protect, YASHA are making outwear like nobody else right now! Their jackets are devised to assist in life-threatening situations – without compromising on style, comfort and everyday wearability. We caught up with owner, Joshua McGhee, to find out more…

Q&A with Sleaford Mods

One of our favourite bands of recent times, Sleaford Mods released arguably their best work to date this year, with their critically acclaimed album, Spare Ribs. I caught up with Jason to discuss the success of the album, as well as fashion and how he has been dealing with life in lockdown. Pour yourself a beer and jump on in…

Q&A with Arhto

For our latest Q&A we sat down with friend of the blog, Timur, the brainchild behind one of our favourite new brands of recent times, Arhto. Discussing inspiration, struggle and hope for the future, this is a brilliant chat which covers the whole emotion of owning and running your own brand. We hope you enjoy…


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