Q&A with Fuzz Clothing

I’ve had a bit of a break but I’m back with a brand-spanking new interview for your reading pleasure. For this one we caught up with Andrew, the man behind Sheffield brand Fuzz. I’m a big fan of his oversized sweats and military vests, so was delighted to get him involved. Enjoy!

Morning Andrew, how are you today?

Hey man, yeah really good. Life is nice at the minute.

You’re the founder of Fuzz, can you give us a bit of a background on yourself?

So I’ve always wanted to start my own brand. I’ve collected clothing for as long as I’ve been earning money. Jackets mainly, but bits of everything I like really. High end stuff, streetwear, skate brands, casual stuff, vintage military and over the last 5 years or so lots of cool Japanese brands that are doing really good stuff. So from this archive I’ve built up and obsession with details it felt the right time to make a start. I’ve been working on the brand for nearly 3 years now properly and launched just over 6 months ago.

How is it going working on the brand day to day?

From a day to day thing it’s just constantly looking at ideas for new stuff. I’m always hunting for rare finds and checking out new stuff too. I’m not particularly interested in doing the same old boring stuff or stuff that other brands are already doing really well, so I’m always looking at stuff in different ways. How can I improve on stuff or come up with new unique designs. A big thing for starting this was the dissatisfaction/disappointment of even some of my favourite brands playing it too safe from season to season and not really releasing anything new as such, just the same old designs in slightly different fabrics. Which I do understand that if you’ve got a classic design that’s doing well you’ll keep giving people what they want. It can sometimes feel a bit lazy though.

Massiomo Osti has always been a big influence on me for the main reason that he tried new stuff constantly and was putting stuff out no one else was even close to. Now I’m not saying I’ve put anything out there like that yet as I’ve only done the first collection, but the new designs are looking amazing. I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent there haha. Day to day it’s just coming up with ideas and designing, sampling all that kinda stuff. There’s also managing socials and getting orders out etc. ye it keeps me busy.

You’re based in Sheffield, how does the steel city inspire both you and the brand?

Sheffield is my favourite place, it’s just got a vibe about it that I’ve always loved. I spend a lot of my younger years there and bought all my first good stuff there. It used to have so many independent stores that introduced me to so many brands. It’s got great vintage shops and has always had good skate shops. So it’s played a massive part in making me the person I am today and my taste in most things.

Moving away from fashion for a bit, are you a football fan?

Nah not for me mate. I’ve no idea how I’d have the time even if I was into it. Musics my big thing.

How big of a part does skate culture play in the brand?

As far as graphics and prints and all that stuff is concerned it’s a massive part. I skated from around 10-16 so that was my life back then. Over the last few years I’ve started going for a push now and then again and would like to do it more, but again it’s finding time…. And energy nowadays. There are some great skate brands doing some really cool clothing so I like to mix it up. My style is very eclectic, but you can’t really tell. It all goes together really nicely and that’s something that’s part of this brands (FUZZ) dna.

Does music play a big influence in Fuzz?

It certainly does! So I love so many types of music old indie stuff, classic stuff from the 60’s like Beatles stones and all that. 60s nuggets and garage music, psych,I love 80s pop. I love post rock and more ambient stuff, hip hop, electronic, death metal and over the last few years ive got massively into synthwave and that kinda thing.

So there’s gunna so much of that stuff that influences the brand going forward as well as horror movies and art which I’ve used as the basis for our last bunch of graphics.

Favourite album of all time?

I can’t even pick one from each genre never mind get it down to one! I’d have to say off the top of my head though, Forever Changes by Love. It’s the one I’ve been listening to the longest and still go back to.

Back onto menswear, what are your favourite brands?

Engineered garments generally deliver the goods. Older Stone island, and like I mentioned before, Japanese brands are my big thing. WTAPS, Neighborhood and I love Wacko Maria, especially the shirts. I’ve got bits from all over though to be fair.

What tips would you give someone looking to start their own brand?

Don’t rush into it. Do your research, learn how to do the design yourself so you can fully get your vision across. Build a good little archive up for reference pieces and inspiration.

Overall though you need a clear vision of what it is you want to achieve and you need to put the time in. It’s very hard work, so don’t waste your time unless you’re going to be 100% committed. Also it ain’t cheap, even if you were to start in a really small way.

Also look at lots of manufacturers and find the right one for you.

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

Should have samples arriving next week of a new smock and cargo jacket design. It’ll be tweaking those until they’re right and then releasing those which I’m hyped about. I’m going all out on the detail with these, they’re going to be really special pieces.

After that I’ll be moving on to the next lot of stuff. I’m trying my best not to seasonalize each collection too much and prefer stuff that’s transferable between seasons. Obviously you’ve gotta be fairly sensible with that, I’m not gunna put shorts out for Christmas or a padded jacket in Summer, but you get the idea.

Finally, can you sum up Fuzz in only 3 words…

Game changing style.

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