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Sunday League. Hungover get ups, your shit mate running the line and straight to the boozer after the final whistle. If you’re anyone like me, it will hold a special place in your heart. For our latest interview we caught up with Callum Dunn, founder of @TREKuartista95 on Instagram, for a chat about his Sunday League memoirs, his love of football in general, and what to expect from his brand new fanzine. Enjoy!

Hello TREKuartista95 – how are you?

Alright mate, not too bad thanks. Manic few months getting the zine sorted. Thought I’d have it printed and released by the end of Feb. It’s now April and we’re still tinkering. But we’re all good.

Who is the man behind the account?

So I’m Callum. Just your average 30 year old bloke really. Work in sport. Enjoy a pint, music and mowing my lawn – my pride and joy is that.

Tell us more about the account – what gave you the original idea?

Well, like most footy accounts, Mundial Mag provided the initial inspiration. The big boys. Started with posting footy news. Boot drops. Culture. Anything football related really. But to be honest, it was crap. Unoriginal. Boring. Wasn’t until lockdown when things changed. Started adding more humour to posts. More personality. Just started chatting shit basically. I strayed away from what your standard footy accounts were posting, but tried linking it back to football when and where possible. Even if it was a little daft. We chucked plenty of Sunday League talk in there too alongside nostalgia.

Image by Aaron Clayton

When did you start to see engagement grow?

First lockdown. I was furloughed. Had too much time on my hands in between laying that lawn I mentioned earlier and painting a few doors.

I posted an image of Mats Hummells walking away laughing with a caption relating to some owd fella down Sainos bagging the last pack of rice or somet’. Absolutely nothing to do with football. It was right at the start of lockdown. When the shelves were empty and the country went mental stockpiling. That post went down well. I followed it up a few days later with Totti looking through a pane of glass. Proper busybody. Like Norris off Corrie. But that was me. On furlough. I knew every man and his dog’s routine. And it snowballed from there really. People started to resonate with the captions. Two years on and I’m still chatting rubbish, I’ve found my niche and about to drop a zine – hopefully.

Who do you support?

The pride of Lancashire. Blackburn Rovers. We’ve absolutely bottled top six. But, to be fair, I thought we’d get relegated at the start of the season so I’ll take 9th. Shake hands and call it a day now. Don’t want Premier League football anyway.

How important is football to your life?

Very. Since I can remember I’ve always been obsessed with it. Whether it’s playing, watching or writing. Football’s always been a constant in my life. And always will be.

Image by Nicholas Priest

What other interests do you have?

Huge sports fan. I’d watch tiddlywinks if it were televised. Love a pint. And music. Can’t beat a good festival.

You’re releasing a fanzine later this year, tell us more?

Yeah, so basically, it’s a collection of Sunday League memoirs. Similar to what we post on Instagram. But telling the story of how most Sunday League games pan out. You turn up late. Rough as toast. You reluctantly put the nets up. Someone pulls their hammy. You get pissed on in the showers. Back to the pub. Fines etc. I’m sure anyone who’s ever played Sunday League football can relate.

Big Dave features a lot too. We all know one, right? Could’ve turned pro. Dodgy knees. Smokes 40 a day. There’s some nice photography and design work in there too.

How regular will it come out?

So, for now, this is a one off zine. If it goes well then I’ve a few ideas for volume 2. I don’t want to put a timeframe on it, though. Life gets in the way sometimes, so we’ll see how it goes and see what the crack is in a few months.

Image by Nicholas Priest

Will you feature guest writers?

We’re looking to feature more guest writers on Instagram, which could result in them writing for the zine. Always looking for fresh ideas.

What other plans do you have for 2022?

I need to get the website sorted. Criminal that I’ve not done it yet to be fair. Then maybe volume two of the zine if we shift enough copies. We’ve also got a couple of collaborations lined up later in the year.

Finally, can you summarise TREKuartista95 in only 3 words…

Daft football captions.

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