Q&A with The Skinner Brothers

Music plays a big part of what we are about here at Casual Cultures, and we were delighted to speak with Zac Skinner from The Skinner Brothers, after the release of their latest album, Soul Boy II. Here’s what Zac had to say…

Morning lads, how are you doing?

All good mate!

Spot on, for those who may not know, who makes up the band?

Zac Skinner (vocals), Joe Fish (guitar) Perry Meadowcroft (bass) Alfie Clayton (drums)

How did the band come about?

I’d been playing for years. The band originally came about because I didn’t want to be a solo act.

Hailing from London has music always been in your blood?

Always really enjoyed music. It’s always run alongside the life I’ve led.

Credit Connor Hill

Who were your inspirations for forming the band?

When I started this band I was really into captain beefheart and all that avant garde stuff, so I really wanted to get a crazy psychedelic band together. I didn’t work out that way obviously.

One of your recent singles, Away Days, perfectly captures the feeling lads up and down the county feel – do you go to many games?

I don’t go to many games now seems like all I do is music related. I wrote away days about my days working and living around Millwall. I felt like a fly on the wall.

How have you found the lockdown?

Great to be fair. I got a lot done actually. But all getting a bit tiring now to be honest.

As well as music this blog is all about football and fashion – talk us through your interest in both?

It goes hand in hand for me. I used to see the lads at the football in all these new clothes. I couldn’t afford anything decent at the time so I used to get old Lyle and Scott polos from charity shops. Did the trick, just about.

What are your favourite brands and why?

I like a Sergio. Can’t go wrong with a classic Fred Perry. And I’m doing my own brand now – Soul Boy. So, I’ve got to shout that out.

Credit Connor Hill

You can pick 3 headliners to play with at a festival of your choice – who you choosing?

Oasis. Motörhead. The Jam.

What’s your plans for the rest of the year?

Release the album. Then just tour, tour and tour.

Finally, can you describe your sound in only 3 words…

Rock n’ roll

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