Bringing Fables To Life

Brothers, Rich and Nick, are the brains behind Fable, an up-and-coming clothing brand that encapsulates stories of their families that intrigued them growing up. They have many tales spanning from the early 1900s up to the present day and each release they produce is based on one of their “Fables”. I was very kindly sent some items from their first collection, ‘Fate’ and it’s from this collection that the review will be based on.

First up is the Fable Fate Tee, crafted from premium 180gsm 100% organic cotton. It’s a lovely designed tee, with raised left breast print to the front and large print to the back. The story of ‘Fate’ is a heart warming one, and it’s well worth your time reading the backstory, which you can find here.

Also included in the package I was sent was Canvas 5 Panel Cap and Limited-Edition Fate Tee; both quality pieces which you can see below.

All in all, I’ve been really impressed by Fable. In an age when fast fashion leaves our wardrobes as quickly as it arrives, they are trying to tell a story with every release, which adds depth and value to their garments. I look forward to seeing their next release and fable alike.

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