Yaka Clothing – Working Class Smart

In their own words, Yaka Clothing are an independent clothing brand forged out of the darks of a working-class coal mining village in North East England. A one-man band, owner Dean has put together a brand that gives a subtle nod to scenes and subcultures of yesteryear, with his mod-inspired Harrinton jackets, through to current trends and styles, as seen with his Workers Cap.

We we’re sent a number of items and I was delighted with the quality and fit of what I received. It’s obvious that Dean has poured his heart and soul into every piece and I was really taken aback from the quality of the Yaka “Fred” Harrington Jacket in particular. Made in England, it features a traditional tartan lining, classic 2-button collar fastening and much more. Limited in numbers, it’s a piece that in my opinion is worth a lot more than it’s currently available to purchase at, and I have enjoyed wearing mine out and about in recent weeks. We recommend you get it while you can!

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