Q&A with Everyday Garments

Hailing from a small Welsh town, Everyday Garments has achieved a hell of a lot for saying it has only been trading for a year. Tackling covid and the struggle between running a brand and spending enough time with the family, we sat down with owner, Ryan to discuss all things EG and his love for Cardiff City.

Hi mate, cheers for taking time to have a chat, how are you today?

I’m very well thank you Dan… busy, but all is good mate.

For those who may not know, please can you give us a brief backstory into Everyday Garments, from past to present day?

Everyday Garments was born out of a passion, some may say fanatical obsession with clobber, and my concerns over the ever-rising price point from brands over the last year or two.

What’s your background, is Everyday Garments your sole work or side project?

My name is Ryan, I’m 42 years old and a family man from a small village in South Wales called Port Talbot. It’s the heart of the steel industry, once owned by British Steel but now managed by Tata, where I’ve worked man and boy for the last 20 plus years.

I’ve always had a huge love for menswear and designer brands since I was a kid and have spent a fair few quid chasing the latest looks. I’m a steel worker by trade, it’s what everyone does around here, from father to son but with the constant threat of redundancy and no real job satisfaction, I’ve made the jump and got off my back side and done something about it, something I’m really proud about. Everyday Garments is trying to offer decent, quality products at good value for money, made in South Wales by local people.

My love for clothes over the years is my apprenticeship and I feel it’s served me well. I love simplicity with attention to detail and have shopped all over the world looking for just that. Most silhouettes have been done before and are just a new take on old ideas. I like that different people draw from different influences to make their own idea of the perfect garment, which is exactly what I’m aiming to achieve.

What inspired you to form the brand?

Have you ever bought something you love but thought ‘I wish that was over on this side’ or ‘I like it but that logo’s just too big’? I do all the time and know a lot of people who are the same, so why not get it right from the off, or even offer your customers little bespoke touches? The never-ending price hike was the final straw for me.

How has the brand progressed since launch?

The brand is only a year old and I’m blessed that people are investing in me and willing to buy and wear my products, it’s a win-win situation.

You hail from a small village in South Wales, does this influence the brand in anyway?

To me it’s very important to be proud of where you’re from and stay true to that or there’s a risk you lose yourself and become something you’re not. I just want to come across as I am in the flesh; a lad from a small town in South Wales giving his dream a go.

Where else do you draw inspiration for the brand?

Classic American style, military, outdoor, workwear and traditional Ivy style clothing. A bit of everything really.

Other than menswear, what other passions do you have?


Obviously COVID has affected everyone’s life this year, how has it impacted the business?

To be honest I don’t know any different with it being Everyday Garments’ first year as COVID has been there from the start. It will be interesting to see how the business grows when it’s all over.

Is there an item you have designed which you’re particularly proud of, or means something to you more than the others?

The Overshirt and Overhead Smock. With these pieces, people are getting to see what direction I want to take Everyday Garments. I did a couple of runs of the Overshirt in green and navy and I’ve been blown away by the recent feedback.

What are your plans for 2021?

Trying to put all my ideas into reality and show people what Ryan from Everyday Garments is all about.

Are there any plans for collaborations in the future?

I’m not looking to do any collabs to be honest. I think it would just dilute what I’m trying to do on my own. If you have a good idea why not just do it yourself? But saying that, you never know further down the line. Never say never.

What are your favourite brands and why?

Over the years , the ones that stand out for me are probably Nigel Cabourn, 6876, Nanamica, Sassafras and Engineered Garments. I’ve owned a fair bit of all of them and although different in their own ways, their common feature is that they’re all very well designed and made.

As well as fashion, this blog is all about music and football – do you
have much interest in either?

Football is one of my biggest interests and I’ve been a season ticket holder for many years. Something that has had so many highs and lows for me over the years, more lows than highs, but we’ve just got a new manager so let’s see what the rest of the season brings.

What’s the best, and worst, thing about owning and running your own label?

BEST: That proud feeling of achievement in what I have designed, from the idea in my head all the way through to seeing the people that have invested in the item and are wearing it and sharing it on Instagram and the like.

WORST: Trying to get the right balance, juggling work life, family life and trying to give the right amount of time for the brand to grow the right way. There’s been plenty of late nights that’s for sure.

What advice can you give to any youngsters wanting to start their own brand?

If you’ve got a dream, don’t let anything stop you achieving that dream, life is too short!

What are your plans for the future?

For Everyday Garments to keep true to its roots and continue with the concept of smart yet affordable threads.

Describe Everyday Garments in only 3 words…

Hardworking, friendly and passionate!

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