ARHTO – Proper garms, meticulously manufactured

Arhto (pronounced “Are Toe”) is, in it’s own words, an independent clothing company that sees things straight up, no filters and without pretence. I had heard a few rumblings about the up-and-coming label, the brain child of Timur Karamolla, from London, a few months ago, but it was only recently I decided to delve a little further.

On initial viewings the items on offer are no nonsense designs, elevated with style and sensibility. Arhto nail the basics well and complete their offering with subtle branding and a relaxed fit. It’s smart, well made and everything from the packaging, the labels and the pouches the clothing is stored in, to the box it arrives in, has been thought out with care, consideration and style. There is a sale on at the minute, with prices reduced so heavily it’s hard to believe they are correct – but more on this later.

The first item that caught our eye was the ‘Touché Jacket‘. A smart casual worker’s jacket, the Touché utilises subtle accessories and a fabric mix that resembles wool, but has the warmth, water resistance and soft touch of a fine pile fleece. It’s warm, it’s smart, it offers water resistance, and more importantly the fit is perfect. One of my favourite pieces in the whole range. Buy it!

Next up is the ‘Dual Smock‘ – and to be clear, if there is one design of clothing which we absolutely adore, it’s a smock. This ticks all the right boxes! Featuring a tough weather resistant outer shell with a soft warming micro polar fleece interior, it’s a real quality piece of clothing, that stands tall amongst much pricier alternatives. It’s been added to my Smock collection straight away and will get plenty of wear over the coming weeks.

Rugby shirts have endured a bit of a revival in recent year, and the ‘Prop Shirt‘ offering from Arhto is another fine piece of clothing manufacturing. Described as “sporty, and preppy”, Arhto state “Think… if Raekwon (Wu-tang clan) played rugby, we would like to think this would be his rugby jersey of choice” and we think that nails it pretty well to be honest.

We mentioned price in our intro and it’s something which needs to be discussed. There is a sale on at Arhto at the minute, with the whole collection heavily reduced. The amount you are paying to the quality you are receiving doesn’t add up. Sadly, when we spoke to Timur, he explained COVID has hit Arhto hard. As a result, some items are being sold for less than their production cost – as is the need to clear stock. I am happy to go on record and state that you will find no better value for money anywhere in the UK right now, the clothing is that good. Take the plunge, stock up as much as you can, and I guarantee you will be impressed. In my opinion the world needs more brands like Arhto!

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